Galar is a Mexico based singer, songwriter and producer that has been doing music since he was fourteen years old and able to buy his first instrument: a bass guitar. Influenced by lots of music due to his father’s love for Pink Floyd, The Police and Soda Stereo, Galar began writing his first tunes alongside a childhood friend. This songs would later be the founding blocks of Hombre Bestia, Galar’s first serious project, where he was one of the two lead singers and guitar player. While more political, Hombre Bestia sound had a neo-prog rock oriented sound influenced by acts as Porcupine Tree and A Perfect Circle. In 2016, after two albums and minor success, Galar left Hombre Bestia and went on busking around Mexico and Germany to find his new voice. He wrote new music and created the concept that is “Pretty Little Things That Fly Away”, his first solo release.

PLTTFA, a trilogy of chapters with four songs each, is a chant to change and instability. These lead to chaos, instability and ultimately; discovery. “Whatever you do, embrace change” writes Galar in an article about the importance of daring to transform. “Pretty little things that fly away are those life moments that seem to vanish, but stay to form character. Make us stronger. Change us.